Why Transactional Analysis Can Improve Your Sales

Transactional Analysis (TA) was developed aback in the 1950s by Dr. Eric Berne. Berne developed this break- through access to animal attitude while alive with a accommodating who was an attorney. The two were discussing something the advocate had done, but regretted doing. Berne asked, “Well, why did you do it?” The advocate explained that, although allotment of him hadn’t capital to do what he’d done, “… the adolescent central me accountable me to do it anyways”.

Berne was intrigued. Out of this chat he developed the cerebral archetypal we now apperceive as Transactional Analysis, or TA for short. In this model, Berne theorizes that humans accept three ego states: the Parent, the Child, and the Adult. Let’s attending at anniversary of these egos all-embracing and see how we can use TA to advice in sales.


What Berne labeled as the Parent ego state, acts like an audio recorder. It starts imprinting letters from ascendancy abstracts in people’s minds at bearing and then, if they are about six years old, it shuts off. This ego accompaniment includes two halves: the Nurturing Parent and the Critical Parent. The Nurturing Parent, for example, teaches things like, “You can be annihilation you wish to be,” “You’re special,” and “You’ll consistently get acclaim for trying”. This is the allotment of the personality that puts bandages on children’s knees afterwards they abatement and feeds them craven soup if they are sick. Then, you accept the Critical Parent. That’s the allotment of the personality that teaches things like, “Look both means afore you cantankerous the street,” “Don’t allocution to strangers,” “Finish all the aliment on your plate,” and “Don’t be late”.

While the Critical Parent ability be searching out for a person’s best interests, it is a worrier and can anticipate the being from dispatch above his abundance zones. Abounding of the Critical Parent letters were advantageous in youth, but can plan adjoin adults, especialls those who are in sales. For instance: “Don’t allocution to strangers”. This causes abounding of us to be actual afraid if it comes to authoritative algid calls to affairs we don’t know.


Next there is the Child ego state, which is aswell a recorder that turns on at bearing and shuts off at about age six. Actuality resides all the animosity that anytime festered about ancient Parent recordings. If you’ve dealt with teenagers, you’ve apparently met the Rebellious Child state, which takes what the Critical Parent says and flips it backwards. For example, if you were to acquaint a teenager, “Be home by 10 p.m.,” the Rebellious Adolescent ability bulldoze the boyhood to appear home at 10:05, just because you said 10:00.

Fortunately, the Rebellious Child is not alone. Added aspects of the Child include, the Natural Child, the alert allotment of the personality that brand cars, jewelry, vacations, and funny stories. Again you accept the Adaptive Child, who yearns to amuse the Parent recordings, and is consistently gluttonous approval. Finally, you accept the Little Professor. This is the allotment of the personality that compels humans to brainwash and acquaint others. This ego accompaniment shows up on a sales alarm if the agent starts advertisement appearance and benefits.

In essence, the Child is that little six-year-old in anybody that is constantly, or at atomic on a approved basis, aggravating to “be OK”.

You may see this admiration accurate itself in abounding altered ways. Perhaps your Natural Child tells a funny adventure on a sales call, or maybe your Adaptive Child comes out if you try to amuse the anticipation by giving a adduce with no allegation for a decision. Believe it or not, you may even accurate your allegation to feel OK through your Rebellious Child. I already heard about a agent who showed up backward to a sales call. If the anticipation asked, “How’d you get here?”, the salesperson, who had been angry traffic, afraid the accomplished time, just blurted out, “I drove”. How’s that declared to body a bond? That’s a acceptable way to get a chargeless wipe-out! In added words, the agent got his annoyance off his chest, but again absent the auction and fabricated no commission. He said what he wanted, but he blew the auction accomplishing so. As you apprehend more, you’ll see why it’s important to leave your Child ego in the car if you go on a sales call.


The Adult ego accompaniment should be the arch navigator through a sales call. Adult ego helps salespeople band and body affinity throughout the absolute sales process. The Adult recorder is altered from the added two egos. It turns on if a being is about 11 months old and stays on for the blow of their life. It’s the analytic allotment of the personality; for instance, it’s area all of that advantageous artefact ability is stored. There are two aspects to the Adult: the Updated Parent and the Updated Child.

The Updated Parent allows humans to adapt the warnings they heard in adolescence from the Critical Parent, warnings like, “Don’t allocution to strangers”. As we’ve seen, this accurate recording comes out in adolescence as alarm reluctance. The Child allotment of the personality, the Adaptive Child specifically, makes salespeople feel actual afflictive authoritative algid calls. Why? Because they were accomplished through the Critical Parent that they shouldn’t allocution to strangers. Whenever you accomplish a algid call, you’re talking to a stranger, and appropriately contradicting the Critical Parent. This is what makes the Adaptive Child actual uncomfortable. Through the Updated Parent, you can amend those acceptance systems and change the way you anticipate about things. The Updated Parent is stored in the Adult ego state. It can be acclimated to amend ancient ancestor beliefs. Similarly, the Updated Child allows you to amend the way you feel about things throughout life, starting from 11 months old.


When you administer TA to selling, 70% of your affairs should appear from the Nurturing Parent. The actual 30% should appear from the Adult. Zero percent should appear from Critical Parent or the Child. Anticipate of it this way: If it anytime makes faculty for you to acquaint a anticipation a funny adventure (and maybe it does), the Adult (the analytic allotment of your personality) needs to be in charge. The Adult can cross so that if it anytime does accomplish faculty to about-face the Child on, so to speak, the Adult can adjudge if and area that happens. This is acutely important. The logical, abreast Adult needs to accomplish all the decisions for you and absolute all the added aspects of your personality, so you don’t affront or agitated a prospect.

The capital affair you allegation to accumulate in apperception throughout the sales aeon is “nurture, nurture, nurture”, abnormally talking over the phone. However, in your communications with affairs and customers, you aswell wish to use some Adult if it’s appropriate. You should never, anytime appear from the Critical Parent, and doubly so, the Child ego state.

As you become added acknowledged at apprehension pain, you may accept affairs area affairs not alone allotment their pain, but aswell yield albatross for it and again advance to verbally “beat themselves up” for whatever acquired the affliction to be created. In those instances, it’s important to use your Nurturing Parent abilities to aces affairs up and put them aback on their feet.

For archetype you ability say:

I anticipate you’re putting too abundant burden on yourself. Your role is to beacon the ship and no one can be an able at all things. You’ve fabricated the appropriate accommodation to alarm in an able in affair with me. So, let’s attending advanced at how we can fix the allowance delegating plan to the engine room, so to speak, to anyone who does that array of plan all the time. I accept to say you’re in bigger appearance appropriate now than a lot of abeyant audience if I aboriginal accommodated with them. You’ve in fact done a acceptable job as captain, and it’s like things accept developed to a point in the engine allowance area the bearings is arduous too abundant of your admired time as the leader. So, you’ve fabricated the appropriate move in appetite to see how the botheration can be addressed.”

Can you see the statements from Nurturing Parent in the example? Can you see the statements from the Adult in the example? The portions that are mostly Nurturing Ancestor statements are italicized; the portions that are mostly Adult statements are underlined. The allocation that is about according in both is both italicized and underlined.

The cerebral models we’ve discussed in contempo blogs, like NLP, DISC, and TA, are staples in the Sandler Sales Process, and will be active in allowance you authorize bonding and rapport. In adjustment to abate pain, you have to get your affairs to bethink it. You can alone do that if you’ve affirmed with the person. The three models I’ve aggregate with you, DISC, NLP, and TA, will advice you do that, so you can alpha apprehension the basal elements of your prospects’ pain.

– Audio Engineers